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01 Music Producer / Engineer


As a Music producer, I believe it's about understanding the artists vision and being able to creatively use the technical tools to bring it to life. These are the main points I try to focus on with all artists:


  • Bringing forth that unique magic from a singer

  • Crafting the music to fit the right market

  • Making the artists strengths shine through

  • Helping choose the right songs

  • Playing, programming the instrumentation and/or bringing in talented musicians

  • Creating something soncially special & unique


Click ABOUT for more info about me

Songwriting and Composing

02 Songwriting and Composing


Songwriting has been something I've always loved since my earliest days as a musician. 


  • Co-wrote 3 #1 Billboard Hits

  • Over 40 published songs around the world

  • Love to collaborate with lyricists, where I focus mainly on the music itself.

  • Writing original music tracks for lyricisits to write to  




  • Studied at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

  • Private lessons in composition from a master instructor at Julliard.

  • I contributed to movie soundtracks, commercials, and TV spots

  • Composed for TV specials (one of them won an Emmy), Radio ID spots for Radio stations, TV commercials, and a whole range of science videos.

  • Composing Epic film music for music libraries. 

03 SkyeLab Music Group


Skyelab Sound Studios was opened in 1994, and has hosted such stars as James Taylor, Tito Puente, Hayle Duff, 98 Degrees, Rev Run, members of Wu Tang and more. Skyelab is featured on the cover of “How to Build a Small Budget Recording Studio” from Mcgraw Hill Publishing. The studio was also featured on an episode of “What Not To Wear” on TLC.


SkyeLab first expanded into becoming a music production company to help independent artists get their music produced by music industry pros.  Then in 2005 we expanded again into music marketing and distribution, and became the SkyeLab Music Group. 


Visit SKYELABMUSIC.COM for more info

Watch the video to learn more about SkyeLab Music Group

04 Musicarity Nation 


Musicarity Nation is dedicated to helping raise money for causes that can make the world a better place for all us humans living here.


We create charity checkout campaigns at big retail stores, using the sale of unique music from famous musical artists! We help recording artists use their musical gifts to bring awareness to the causes they believe in, and by rallying their fans to join them.  Just one song from a recording artist can be turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars for the charity. 

To learn more about how you can get involved, please click here or email me:

Century 21 Dept. Store owner Eddie Gindi and Arty "Skye" Shweky at the launch of the Survivor Tree Campaign, which raised $275,000 for the charity Tuesday's Children

Musicarity Nation

If your retail store or charity would like to get involved, please contact and click this image for more info.

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